FaceFucking.com Baby Girl takes on a huge stick cock down her throat

Today's lesson is never judge a book by it's cover. Baby Girl (fitting name) is an 88 lb first timer... who to this day in her 19 years on this planet, has only fucked 2 guys.

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Facial Abuse Alessa Snow gets her throat destroyed by huge cocks and is given a facial

Great scene today! We have Alessa Snow, a big tits pseudo up and comer stopping by to get her mouth, pussy and ass stretched out by the bad boys of FaceFucking.com.

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FaceFucking.com Vienna June gets a rough throat fucking

Vienna June is a slender piece of white trash pussy. At first, I thought she was the "girl next door"... but quickly realized that this girl has had her string of problems and is not what I thought...

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FaceFucking.com Alora Jaymes takes on a huge hard cock

Whoa... we nailed another one out of the fucking park today! You guys may remember whore Alora Jaymes. She was here a little over a year ago and worked with Bootleg. 

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Facial Abuse Sasha Sweet gets face fucked

I wasn't here the first time Sasha Sweet visited Facial Abuse, so I don't know how it went. However, today was fucking awesome. Happy whore, Sasha Sweet, has been out of the scene for a few years...

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Lark Meadows steps in at a tiny 5 feet tall. I usually like them small, but I also like them attractive... so I guess I'm shit out of luck there. Oh well, here's the good things about Lark.

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Making a triumphant return is the amazing, Layla Price and her big booty butt hole. The first time she was here, she was paired up with Pauly Harker. 

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Stella Leigh is a tall stickly cunt that started off our shoot by flat out lying to me. She told me she was 23. If she has dyslexia, maybe... she's 32...

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This is what happens when a hick from Florida comes up north and gets taught a few things. For instance, how to take cock down the throat...

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...we made a few frantic calls to find a replacement whore. The only one in the area that could make it on such short notice is Frumpy McGrumpy aka Holly North. She was literally just here...

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What's 94 pounds, has a pretty pussy, the nicest tits you've seen in a while and a plump little apple ass? The answer... the dumb twat Jesse Taylor. Jesse weighs as much as one of Pauly's legs...

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We hit a home run here today, fellas! Let me start off by saying that Kristina Bella is 18 years old, is a fitness model and is doing porn for the very first time. Seriously... can you even get better.

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Rarely do I give props to whores, but this one deserves kudos. Pauly and Gio went apeshit on this pig and she took 100% of it like a mother fucking boss. This was some intense porn...

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Cali Rider is one of those whores who thinks she is smarter than the rest of the world. That is a common trope in whoredom. They think that they are getting over on the world, when the world...

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Leilani Vega is adorable... like too adorable to be sitting on our couch getting the shit slapped out of her adorable. Alas, she's here and we have a job to do. Honestly, I don't care when they're hot like this.

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